Thursday, September 28, 2006

As long as a bus isn't spewing black smoke in your face, the air here is quite fresh. Although there is definitely a problem with smog, the air doesn't taste or smell like it. You're always reminded though when you look across the river and can barely see the mountains which are enveloped in white, cloudy chemicals.

I'm sitting outside a restaurant looking through the lights into the sillouette of the omnipresent mountains. I ordered some watermellon juice. It's amazingly fresh. I think they just ran a watermelon in a blender a couple of minutes ago and poured it into a glass. I forgot to say 我不要冰块 (I don't want ice cubes), so I'm kind of scared to drink much, but it's just so good.

I ordered ginger duck that has just as much ginger as duck. It came with bamboo shoots, but it's dark, and I can't tell what's ginger and what's bamboo until I put it in my mouth. I think I must have eaten 1/4 cup of ginger.

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