Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dog Hair Alley

Today, on the way to one of the teacher's apartment, we took a back route through a lot of alleys and such. We walked through an alley on the side of market. There was a chair and a mirror where a barber was giving flattops for 35 cents. (I seems that if you are a Chinese man over 30, the only respectable haircut here is the flattop. It's hilarious.) We took a left at the end of this street, so we were now in the alley behind the market. This alley was extremely dirty, with all the windows were literally covered in cobwebs.

There was a small little ramp going down into a the building throught what looked like an open basement door or something. Nate explained that this was where they would bring the dogs into the market to be slaughtered. They would actually kill them back here in this alley, then burn off all the hair right on that ramp looking thing, and then bring them into the market to be chopped up.

The smell was absolutely atrocious. Let me put this in perspective. There are many colorful smells all over China, especially in the markets. Everywhere you go, there's usually some kind of smell, that you just have to pause, regain your composure, and think "Wow... I've never smelled that before." But those smells never bother the nationals. But back in this alley, locals would cover their noses with their shirts and shreik in agony as they ran by.

I had a friend in college that loved to walk into someone's dorm room, pluck a few 'lower hemisphere body hairs' and set them on fire, just to make that person's room smell terrible for a few hours (God bless you, Buck, wherever you are). But that was usually just 3 or 4 individual hairs. This was an entire dog (or dogs).

Oh the way, they eat dog here.

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