Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fishing the inhumane way

I'm sitting down here by the river as I write this. There's these two old Chinese men here that stand and hold these poles horizontally. They're definitely from the village, and look almost like they're out of a really old kung fu movie. On each side of the pole is pelican perching. They're incredibly tame, and wouldn't dream of leaving it's master. It's pretty beautiful. They charge 25 cents to hold the bar and take a picture with them.

When they're not selling photo opportunities, they use the pelicans to fish. They tie a rope around it's throat so that they cannot swallow anything. Then they send the birds out to grab a fish. The birds return with a fish in their pouch, and the men reach down their beak and steal the fish from them. It's pretty exploitive and inhumane, but a creative idea I have to admit.

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