Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just what I needed

This place has kind of been just a big chill pill for me. My stress levels has really gone done a ton. I called my brother, Josh today. He said could tell in my voice. I think I can tell too. This place has been really great for me. The pace of life here is pretty slow. Expectations are lower here, and workload is light.

Most people take a siesta after lunch here too, so a lot of businesses don't have hours from 11-2 or so. One of the teachers here actually visited a business here in one of the bigger cities. At 1:00, they turned most of the lights off and employees took a blanket and pillow out of their desk, and sprawled out onto the floor for corporate nap time. This really needs to happen in the states.

I've become much less time-conscience, and I have enough time to do anything I want or need to. I really have not incurred any stress to think of since coming here. I still keep myself pretty motivated here, studying Chinese, reading, writing, and playing music. But I've taken a much less hectic approach to these things. I'm really wondering what effect it will have on me when I come back. Will I return to my old ways, or is this a new Simon who is more patient and laid-back?

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