Friday, September 15, 2006

People in their right minds

I found out tonight that there aren't any left-handed people in China. It's a cultural no-no, and looked at as a disability. Left-handed children are repressed from expressing the freedom to use their more nimble hand. Mothers will actually slap their babies for grabbing their pencil or chopsticks with their left hands!

We had just purchased new desks for the classroom and were putting them together. I asked Nate if I should make any desks with the table part on the opposite side for lefties. He said not to worry about it because there were no left-handed people in this country. Unbelievable! 1.3 billion people, and not a single lefty.

He said that many of them are still left-handed, but just repress it most of the time. They would never write or do most things with their left hand. One of the Chinese nationals that works at the school here is left-handed. He writes with his right hand, but shoots basketball with this left.

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