Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stay away from the pink lights

So tonight marks the first time I was offered a prostitute by a small chinese man in a nice brown coat. I was walking through one of the touristy streets here, not really that late at night. He had this creepy look in his eyes, as he walked up to me. "Ma-saj-jee?" he said. "No, thank you." He tapped me on the shoulder as I walked away. I turned back out of instinct, "Ma-saj-jee?" he said with the same disgusting look in his eyes. I looked down at his hands. They were making a gesture which consisted of an 'OK' symbol with his left hand, while he moved his index finger on his right hand back and forth through the loop he made with his left-hand thumb and finger. He looked up at me again, laughing, with this yellow-toothed grin as if to say, Heh, heh...c' know what I mean...heh heh." I was upset for turning back when he tapped me. I was so appalled, I kind of wanted to throw up.

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