Monday, October 30, 2006


I just thought it might be interesting to you to know that my blog has now been blocked in China. When I started this blog, I went to just because I had blogged there before, but I was pretty sure that this site was blocked. To my surprise, I could access everything in all it's uncensored glory.

However, this week all of a sudden, I went to look at my blog and found out it had been blocked by the government here. Just to make sure it wasn't anything I said, I checked a friend's blog here at blogspot. It was blocked too, and I'm pretty sure he's never mentioned China on his site. I could log into my account and make new posts at, but I could not view it at

After looking through the message boards on the site, I've discovered that Blogspot actually was, and always has been blocked here. Google just recently changed the IP address of the the site a couple of weeks before I got here, which unblocked the site. It just took the government a couple months to catch up and block it at the new IP address. Nothing to fear though, I've already found a work-around that I can view my blog. (God bless hackers.)

But I do find this a bit creepy. As I am currently reading a book about the history of genocide, I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of information as a prevention against evil and salvation from poverty. But as I took a break from reading my book tonight to come down here and write a new post, I am reminded of just how real and alive these forces still are today.

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