Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Hong Kong, hot dogs were translated as 'Sausages'.

I tried dog today. It's not bad. My friend Greg knew that I had wanted to try it, so when we went to eat noodles tonight he suggested we eat some hot dog. I really like eating with Greg or other Chinese nationals. I'm always up for trying something new, but usually I never venture to do so by myself. Usually, I wait to try it when it is offered to me. After that, if I like it, (and often times I do), I'll be able to order it myself. But that first step is still difficult to make on my own.

Dog meat is pretty popular in this part of China. People here say that really good friends will get together and eat dog meat together as an act of friendship. You can refer to a good friend as your 'dog meat friend', meaning that you eat dog together often. I guess it's some sort bonding experience.

I had walked by the restaurant that sells dog meat here many times. I always recognized the sign that said 狗肉 (dog meat). So when Greg took me there, I was kind of excited. We got our steaming pile of noodles with Lassie chunks scattered around the plate. All the meat is left on the bone, and dog meat is extremely chewy. This, along with the fact that my front 6 teeth don't line up with each other makes it difficult to eat. Nevertheless, I've figured out a way to eat it. Just throw the whole chunk in your mouth, separate the meat from the bone in your mouth, then spit the bones onto the table or under the floor. It kind of reminds me of the movies about the middle ages when you see some fat king rip some flesh off the bone and then throw it onto the nasty pile of chicken skeletons on the floor.

Anyway, I've eaten some pretty sick stuff since being here, but I've never really felt queasy while eating it. I've found the taste or texture to be appalling, but I never actually felt squeamish. But for some reason, when I was eating the dog meat, I felt a bit of nagging going on in my stomach. I think for some reason, I had an uneasy feeling about taking a bite of Old Yeller. As I was eating this, I was asking myself why this was. Why do I feel a bit worse about eating dog than pig? There really shouldn't be any good reason. Aren't pigs a lot dirtier than dogs anyway? I can't explain it, but I just didn't feel right chewing on lil' Snoopy.

In all, dog meat is pretty good. Chewy, but not bad. That said, I'll still probably order pork next time.

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