Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just a checkup

I have got to take a picture of it sometime, but there is an amazing phenomenon here: The sidewalk dentist. I'm not sure I can describe it much better than that. It's a shop, just like any other. No door, just an open gate. About 5 feet in the gate is a dentist's chair, with a dentist working on a patient's mouth. That's right, just 5 feet away from the street, with no door, is a man extracting teeth from a patient. I could be walking by, maybe eating some ice cream, and take a stop right outside the door and check out what's going on. Maybe take a few feet forward and get a front row view of a root canal.

This leaves me with with some curious questions. How much does it cost? Do you need a license to do this? Do the dentists have licenses? How clean' is it? Do you need an appointment, or do you just jump into the chair? Many other questions scream for their hilarious answer, but I think you get the picture.

I feel like the answer to these questions are all obvious, but I'm still dying to confirm them. If I were really an adventurous person, I'd seek an answer to these questions by getting my teeth cleaned. C'mon! Joe would do it. What happened Simon, you've changed. You used to be cool.

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