Saturday, October 21, 2006

Karaoke at KTV

Last night I was invited to go to karaoke with some of my students. We had just finished watching a movie about the first black college basketball team in the south, and the racial prejudices they had to endure. About an hour after I had explained to my Chinese students what the KKK was, we were in sitting in our own private karaoke room. I looked up at one of the massive speakers, which branded a logo that stated its brand name as KKKaraoke. I so dearly wished I had brought my camera.

There were about eight of us in the room filled with some (gasp) padded couches, a couple tv's, and some tables for drinks and snacks. It was probably the most posh room I've been in since coming here. Almost like a classy, mafia looking place from the 70's with a lot of red curtains and couches. You had to walk through a dark, narrow hallway past other sealed off karaoke rooms to get to your room, which added to the whole shady, retro-mafia vibe the place had going.

From when I first walked into the room until we all left for the night, I don't think I stopped smiling or laughing. I'm sure I can't do the music videos on the screen justice by trying to explain them, but there were some parts that were so funny I wanted to bust out laughing, but no one else in the room would get the joke. The music, styles, and production qualities of the videos were all stuck right around 1995. This along with the many misunderstandings of trying to immitate Western pop culture led to some of the cheesiest, most hilarious music and music videos. The best ones have the random English words thrown into the middle of them. Maybe if I can find a few of the funnier ones on the internet I'll put up a link.

But even with the absurdities of Chinese pop culture aside, it was really a great time with my friends here. Experiences like these make me look back at my life in Fort Wayne and wonder why I ever thought I might be content living such a mundane life working at Aon.

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