Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poor, Little, Beatiful Moths

For the most part, I leave the screened window to my room open at all times. I've never really understood how even if the window is sealed completely, bugs much larger than the little holes in the screen manage to squeeze their way into my room and dance around the ceiling light. Perhaps there's a few holes that have been ripped, or maybe they squeeze their way through cracks in the openings of the sides of the window. Nevertheless, these bugs are small, so I'm not extraordinarily surprised when they weasel their way in.

What does baffle me is that lately, enormous moths have made their way into my room while I'm sleeping. They'll actually wake me up due to their incessant beating of their wings against the walls of my room. (I don't know how they can be so loud!) They really are quite large, about four inches in wingspan.

So three times since I've been here, I've had to wake up to try to get rid of the moth somehow. I'll turn on the light, and see the most beautiful, colorful moth hopelessly lost in my room. I'll open the window and try to shoo them out. But for some reason, they absolutely will not go. I stumble around my room with newspaper, batting around trying to get it to be free, but after five or six minutes, I give up. I'll try go back to sleep, but it will keep slapping it's wings against the wall, keeping me up.

So I have to get up once more, and make a difficult decision. Do I try for another 10 minutes to get the moth out the window, or do I have to kill it? As it's come down to it, I've had to kill the moth two times. It's actually pretty sad. It's not like the gratitude you get from killing a parricidic mosquito or bothersome, ugly fly. It's the guilt of destroying something beautiful and harmless, like smashing a butterfly or snapping a cute little bunny's neck (sorry, Joe).

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