Thursday, December 14, 2006

You want me to do what with the bean curd?

I know this blog has been a bit light on text lately. The Christmas season here is extremely busy, and I my family will be coming to visit me tomorrow. I promise after the holidays I will have many-a-stories to tell.

Perhaps you're not complaining, but I've tried to make up with it with pictures lately. As such, I promise today, I will not disappoint. I must warn you, the material which follows could be taken as offensive. So if you are offended by certain strong words, I would like to apologize, suggest you don't scroll downwards, and urge you to loosen up.

For the rest of you, I will continue. I was talking with the head of the school here about all the funny English signs I've seen here. While I thought I had a few good ones, he showed me that after 8 years here, he had found the absolute greatest mistranslation of English. It turns out that the word for 'dry' or 'dried' (干) can also be slang for 'sexual intercourse'. It turns out, one particular restaurant owner translated the word for 'dried tofu' in the most unfortunate way possible.

What followed was this picture that he took of the menu:

I'm sure whatever foreigners saw this were laughing too hard and enjoying it too much to correct the restaurant's owner. They would feel terrible robbing hundreds of more tourists from seeing this gem.

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