Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Accompany the Kidney

I've been traveling the last week or so, and of course traveling means new places. New places means new signs, and new signs mean new hilarious Chinglish. A couple of these are from last semester, so they might be repeats if you happened to see the DVD when I was in the states. Nevertheless, here they are in all their glory:

Where exactly would you like me to accompany the kidney to?

I can actually read the Chinese on the one on the left. I think the translation should say 'Vegetarian food', but even still, it's not very descriptive. As for the 'Sea Kelp in Belting', I have no idea.

I believe to cook this dish, they first made vegetarian pasta (out of soy of course), and then extracted the intestines. Once again the Chinese isn't really helpful here either. The literal translation would be 'Noodle intestines'.

These two were found on the urinals of two different restrooms:

It's pretty amazing that the Chinese actually should say 'Please rinse out the sink after you throw up'. I should remind you that this was not at a bar, but a seafood restaurant. Perhaps they count on many people drinking the 130-proof 'baijiu' (rice alcohol) that's so popular in this country.

Mmm...I can always go for a nice heaping bowl of 'Giv-ling-goo'.

I have no idea why the English does not read 'Passion Fruit Coffee' and 'Ice Cream Coffee' as it should.

Don't eat here. Leermei's food is a sham.

This one's a bit hard to make out, but it says 'JAPAN honored guest bathefinland'

If you find as much strange pleasure in these signs as I do, I've recently discovered www.engrish.com. It's a collection of poor English signs from Japan, and contains hundreds more than I could ever hope to collect on my blog. (I have found that when these signs come from Japan they're called 'Engrish'.)