Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chinglish on NPR

NPR did a great story last week about the crackdown on Chinglish Beijing is trying to do for the Olympics next year. It's a great story, and is right on with the situation all over China. You can listen to the story here.

They point out some really great common mistakes made here such as menu's misspelling 'carp' as 'crap', and 'Mouth Watering Chicken' as 'Saliva Chicken'. My favorite one that I hadn't heard of was the naming of a museum about China's national minorities as "Racist Park".

This is necessary for the development of the country, and is certainly a pride issue since so many foreigners have laughed to tears upon seeing some of these translations. However, I must admit that in a way I'm very sad to see them go. First of all, (quite selfishly) because I enjoy them so much. But second of all, it seems to me that so much is being done in Beijing to sweep things under the rug or whitewash problems, I feel that people coming to the Olympics will certainly not see this country the way it really is. I'm certainly all for the development of China (in a responsible manner) and a better life for its residents, but sometimes I wonder how much can fit under the bed when mom comes in to see if we've cleaned our room.


Amanda said...

Just listened - that's an interesting story from NPR. You make a very good point about the "how much can fit under the bed when mom comes in to see if we've cleaned our room" thing. It lends itself easily to the question of whether or not folks look closely enough to realize that something's off, even just enough to surmise that some things are being swept under the rug....


Connie said...

Yea, I'm glad to see you have some new blog entries. I enjoyed the NPR commentary.

We thought of you during your recent time of travel and hope you enjoyed the sights and meeting our friends.

Keep in touch. Connie