Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fried Wikipedia

I ran across a link today to a photo of a Chinese menu I wish I would have found. At a local restaurant in Beijing, the character for 'chicken' was inexplicably mistranslated as 'Wikipedia'. This leads to such delicious treats such as:

Stir-fried Wikipedia
Stir-fried Wikipedia with pimentos
Steamed eggs with Wikipedia
Wikipedia with peppers

Check out the link for photos. Fried Wikipedia


steve said...

I can never decide whether to pronounce wiki, wicky or wee-ki.

Ben said...

Simon, I wanted to tell you that yesterday i bought a bag of dumplings and steamed them with your bamboo things and then fried them. They were delicious! I also made the sauce, i just thought you should know.

Simon Lesser said...

I'm so glad my eating habits have rubbed off on you! Actually, you don't need to steam them first, you can just fry them straight away! (Start them at a lower temperature if they're frozen, so they don't stay cold in the center, but then turn up the fire and let it blaze.)