Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blood, the Breakfast of Champions

Of all the wonderful items that Chinese people have creatively categorized as "food", there's only one thing here I won't eat - blood. I know what you're thinking, but it's not even the Jewish thing either. I'm not afraid of new things, I'll eat duck tongue or chicken brain without skipping a beat. But blood is a no go. To tell the truth, I'm not exactly sure why. (Perhaps it's the bodily fluids thing. To my knowledge I've never seen steamed mucus on a menu, but I probably wouldn't be too inclined to try that either.)

Last week a friend and I were walking into a Chinese restaurant as she complained that she was feeling quite tired. "I feel like I need some blood in me" is the interesting choice of words she chose to describe her fatigue. I said in jest that we could order some steamed pigs blood to satisfy that craving, but it was met with little support.

We then sat down with the rest of the group and proceeded to order food. As dishes are served family style, usually one or two people take charge in ordering for the rest of the table. I was only mildly involved, merely overhearing some of the dishes being ordered. I did happen to notice that we ordered a dish called something like "Red and White Tofu". I'd never heard of the dish, but didn't think much of it since the word "red" in a dish name usually refers a spicy braised dish.

However, my eyes lit up a bit when a dish fitting exactly the colors of its name appeared on our table.

I pulled a waitress over to our table:

(Pointing at a piece of blood) "Excuse me, what is this stuff here?"

"That's tofu."

"Really? Because it looks like blood."

"No, it's tofu."

(Pointing at a different piece of blood) "What about this?"

"Oh, that's blood."

She got her wish.


Han said...

My parents never told me that was blood...

Steve said...

You should just get it on with it and eat some blood.

Simon Lesser said...

You're right. I should. Here's me resolving to eat it next time it's on the table.

Han said...

It's actually not that bad. It tastes like soft tofu and it usually absorbs the broth in which it is submerged.

Han said...
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Mandii said...

I am reading the twilight series currently and this post sounds DELICIOUS... ha ha ha !