Monday, April 20, 2009


I had heard a legend of the so-called "hottest chicken wings in Beijing" from a friend yesterday. Upon hearing such tales, I wasted no time in getting directions to this magical destination. So today, I gathered two other brave souls, and we embarked in devouring chicken appendages forged by lucifer himself in the fieriest depths of hell.

The wings in Chinese are called 变态辣翅 (pronounced bian tai la chi), meaning "Abnormally Spicy Chicken Wings", and for some reason they are referred to as BT辣 everywhere they are known.

To help explain how hot these wings were, on the wall of the restaurant is a message board, where people how have attempted the wings can write stories / warnings to other patrons.

The headline is translated as "Abnormally Spicy Wings 'Heroes' Message Board"

Roughly translated as "So hot it makes me want to die"

"So (Chinese expletive) hot!"

We took a look at the menu and ordered 2 of the BT wings for each of us, as well as 2 more of another kind of wings the waiter said was even hotter. To complement our wings, we also took on some less insane bbq squid, eggplant, mantou (Chinese bread), and green peppers.

We squirmed for a little while waiting for our destiny to come upon us. When it finally appeared in all its firetruck-red soaked glory, I went for the hottest ones, while the others made the much more sane move of working their way up to it.

It was certainly a delayed effect. The spice took a good 10-20 seconds before it really showed its true colors. I won't lie, it was extremely spicy - so hot even after I finished all four wings, even the bread tasted spicy for about 5 minutes, it might have been the hottest thing I've ever tried...but for some reason I expected more.

I lived through it, so for that reason I think I feel a bit disappointed. On the upside, I was told that they were too spicy to have any flavor, but I found the opposite to be true. They had a fantastic flavor. I would certainly come back here again, and not just for the fun of trying something ridiculous.

Henry preparing for his spicy journey

I'm so ready.

Bite #2

Hard at work

We struggle to smile as our lips are aflame

3 down, 1 to go

As with any spicy meal, the degree of hotness is measured by how sweaty my bald spot is. Although it's quite cool out, my hair is soaked.

The remnants (we joined the clean plate club it)

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Han said...

My head gets sweaty when I get spicy food, too! Now I want wings...