Monday, April 20, 2009

Buckets of Goo

The other night I was enjoying some lovely 羊肉串 (bbq lamb meat on a stick) in a dark alley some may refer to as 'shady'. (It's a place quite at home to me, but the vast majority of foreigners here avoid eating food on this street.)

As I sat savoring the delicious lamb flesh, in the distance I saw a gentleman stroll up the alley carrying a large white bucket. When he approached the entrance of the restaurant, he set his bucket down, and proceeded to lift up the large rock used as a stepping stone to the doorway. He set it to the side, and reached deep into the hole that this large rock covered. He then lifted up a trap door, hiding some sort of goodness below.

By this point, I was on the edge of my seat. What in the world is he hiding under here? It can't be a safe. That wouldn't make sense. But what would you store under a rock in the street?

The man reached into his bucket and pulled out a metal bowl, then reached deep into the hole and started scooping out some sort of goop and dumped it into the bucket. I tried my hardest, but without causing a scene could not figure out what substance it was. It was dark, grey or perhaps brown, and very thick. Whatever it was looked absolutely filthy.

When the bucket was full, he closed the trap door, covered the hole with the rock, and walked back down the alley with his full bucket of filth.

Filling the bucket with filth

Covering the hole
I'm kicking myself for not being more assertive and asking him what he was doing or at least taking a full video of it. Perhaps next time I walk down the alley, if no one is looking I'll pull up the rock and take a look for myself. The curiosity is driving me mad.

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