Monday, May 04, 2009

Fermented Horse Milk

Contrary to what Sasha Baron Cohen claims, the national beverage of Kazakhstan is not fermented horse urine, but fermented horse milk. Since hearing of this ambrosia of sorts, I've been quite curious as to what it could possibly taste like. First of all, who knew milk could ferment? Secondly, it's not often you hear of people drinking liquid from horses' boobs. These reasons combined to make it a must-try beverage, so imagine my surprise when I came across it on my recent trek to Inner Mongolia.

It was only $3 USD for a bottle, so a few of us decided to go in on it. In retrospect, it may have been a good idea to splurge for bottle of a higher-grade in order to try the tipple at its finest, but this one certainly did the trick. Upon checking the label, the drink clocked in at 16% alcohol, and was produced locally.

At lunch that afternoon, we christened the bottle and poured everyone a glass. It was a clear and slightly cloudy, but not quite milky in appearance. After cries of "ganbei!", we all sipped our respective glasses. The taste was certainly a bit milky in flavor, a bit sour - but not in a sour milk way, more similar to the sourness tasted with traditional Chinese rice wine. Thankfully, it was nowhere near as reprehensible or fierce as the 150 proof baijiu.

In summation: Not bad, but it might be a while before I start ordering fermented horse milk on-the-rocks, or a fermented horse milk and coke at the local pub.

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